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Statuto were born in 1983. They take their name from the public square where Turin Mods, then as now, meet. The band quickly became a mod musical expression to a national level. After several concerts at Mod Runs all over Italy, the publication of two demotapes (TORINO BEAT in 1984 and IN CITTA' 1985), independent label DTK releases their first two singles: IO DIO (1986) and GHETTO (1987). Through these records the group acquired greater popolarity in the Italian underground scene and they toured all around Italy.

They were the first group in Italy to play ska and with Italian lyrics, the first two albums are released on Toast Rec: VACANZE in 1988 and in 1990 LP SENZA DI LEI, where the Hammond player JAMES TAYLOR of the JamesTaylorQuartet is a special guest.

In 1991, Statuto signs with major label EMI with which they release the single QUI NON C’E’ IL MARE, and in the 1992 through the participation of the Festival of S.Remo they reach the peak of the national success with the hit ABBIAMO VINTO IL FESTIVAL DI SANREMO; this ska song immediately reached the top five singles chart, where it remained for more than two months.

In March of the same year the album ZIGHIDA’ was released selling approximately 40.000 copies, thanks also to summer hit PIERA played in the Festivalbar national Tv programme. In june 1993 the single SALUTI DAL MARE was released, another summer hit followed by the album E' TORNATO GARIBALDI.

Live work schedule was very tight (about 100 gigs per year) and only in 1996 a new album was published via Audiar/Sony, called CANZONISSIME, where all the songs have the same titles of famous classical Italian songs, but with different lyrics and music.

1997 brought the collaboration with Epic/Sony. On this label they release the album TEMPI MODERNI produced by Carlo U.Rossi; in the same year they are invited by the Cuban authorities to play in occasion of a friendship meeting between the Italian and Cuban people to the Habana de Cuba, where they held a concert in plaza de the Revoluciòn in front of 200.000 persons, a concert which was live transmitted on national TV.

In 1998 the single UN POSTO AL SOLE was released, supported by a video in which the band plays against the Torino Football Club Team.

In 1999 the album RI-SKATTO produced by Carl U.Rossi was released, based on Italian cover versions of English ska bands hits by the likes of Madness, Specials and BadManners. In the same album the song GRANDE is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Great Torino football team involved in the tragedy of Superga, with lyrics written by Giampaolo Ormezzano, a very estimate writer and journalist in Italy.

In 2001 the book IL MIGLIORE DEI MONDI POSSIBILI was released, written by band singer Oskar Giammarinaro, where metropolitan histories and real events about Turin and Italian Mods, and Statuto themself, from 1980 to today are narrated. The interest for the book pushes the group to work on a concept album, with 13 songs based on the book. The album has the same title of Oskar’s book and contains the summer hit SOLE MARE, where the famous Italian duo RIGHEIRA (of "Vamos to the playa" fame ) are featured.

STATUTO celebrates a twenty year career in 2003, with their distinguished coherence, credibility, aggressiveness, style, and about 100 concerts per year with the release of the anthology I CAMPIONI SIAMO NOI, containg the title song where the dramatical occupational situation of Turin Fiat workers are expressed.

In 2005 Statuto released their newest album called SEMPRE, featuring 14 ska-soul-beat tracks in perfect style with their historical musical tradition.

Statuto are one of the most longevial bands in the Italian musical scene. Costantly proceeding straight with their musical style and never accepting compromises featuring one of the most fun and entertaining live set ever

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